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18/05/2010 4:58:56 PM

Simple “drive by” inspections of our rental properties are a common occurrence. We ensure this exercise is conducted on a regular basis, in an effort to keep an eye on lawns and gardens in particular.


We also encourage our Perth based landlords to make regular drives past their property to ensure its satisfactory upkeep – so tenants beware and remember to keep up the good work, both inside and out!


You will be advised by mail with 7-14 days notice of a routine property inspection being due. This will occur approximately six weeks after you move in and on a three monthly basis thereafter. You do not need to be home during inspections, but your co-operation is appreciated.


These inspections are a vital means of assuring the landlord that his/her property is being cared for and to also see what routine maintenance may be required.


You cannot refuse entry to a Property Manager or property owner if the correct notice has been given and the proposed time of entry is deemed to be reasonable. If you are unable to attend you can arrange for a friend or relative to be present; otherwise the Property Manager will enter the property using the office set of keys.


At a Routine Inspection, we expect the following …

Lawns must be mowed, edged, raked, well watered and gardens weeded.
Cobwebs to be removed from outside the property as well as inside.
Carpets to be vacuumed, floors mopped.
Exhaust fans/rangehoods and air cond. filters to be free of dust and grease.
Marks on walls and around light switches to be wiped clean.
Ovens, stove tops and grillers to be clean.
Shower recess and bathroom tiles to be free of grime.
Swimming pools to be clean and chemically balanced. Your Property Manager should be advised immediately of any motor or filter problems with the pool.
Driveways, verandahs and pathways to be swept.
All maintenance problems or damage must be reported immediately to your Property Manager.
Be sure to report problems with your reticulation (other than sprinkler heads, which is a tenant responsibility).
Windows to be cleaned.
If a dog is on the premises or if there is an alarm, please notify our Office.

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