Watering Days

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18/05/2010 5:00:49 PM

Please ensure that your reticulation system is working on your designated days. To find out those days, go to the Water Corporation Website.


All sprinkler heads should cover all parts of your lawn. If there are dead patches that means the heads are not working and are possibly clogged up and need to be cleaned out, or they have been damaged by cars driving over them.


Please do not park cars on the verge or on the lawn.


Please take time to check all your sprinkler heads and replace them if they are faulty. The sprinkler heads are the tenant’s responsibility. If there is a problem with the reticulation system itself then you must report it to our office and we will arrange to have it seen to.


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Useful Information for Selling

by Morgan Sudlow In Selling

18/05/2010 4:54:20 PM

The preparation you put into getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between getting a standard price and getting a great price.


The process, or indeed art, of presenting your property for sale is an all important one to master. It is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price, so it is important to do whatever is possible to have your property looking its absolute best on inspection day.


Some of the turn offs for buyers include:
• Overgrown Gardens
• Animal odours in the house
• Evidence of damp or moisture in the walls
• Cigarette or strong food odours
• Doors, windows or gates that stick
• Cracked glass
• Too much furniture or personal belongings cluttering the space
• Stained carpet


To improve the presentation, seek an outside opinion, as many of these problems can be fixed over a weekend for little expense. Our Sales Team give great advice in this area, so why not ask them?


Buyers for good quality property can be found all year round but there are times of year that suit some properties more than others, especially in the instance of rural estates. Make sure you discuss the timing factor with your Agent.


The time required to sell a property that is accurately priced will typically vary on a case by case basis, however ideally an additional two weeks should be allowed prior to placing the property officially on the market to allow for preparation of both the property and the marketing material.


When considering selling your property, some essential things one must do are:

Interview your agent and get an appraisal of your property. This should give you a much clearer idea as to what the market will bear for your property.


Enquire from your agent as to the current state of the market, their recent comparable sales in the area and their history selling similar properties.


Consider all the different methods of selling your property. The methods of sale are Private Treaty, Auction, Tender and Expression of Interest. Each method has its own advantages and it is advisable to speak to your agent about the benefits of each method. Once a method of sale is chosen and an agent selected you will need to sign an Agency Agreement and negotiate a Selling Fee with your agent.


At Morgan-Sudlow & Associates your property will not be just one of hundreds of listings. Being a boutique agency means that your listing will be handled with great consideration, time and energy to truly promote your home or investment. We never pass listings onto assistants, instead our agents handle them personally, every step of the way.


Have the property professionally cleaned throughout. A few hundred dollars spent sprucing up the property will increase the saleability and more than likely increase the sale price.


Obtain a building and pest inspection report. This allows you to have any necessary repair work done prior to the sale. Also, a 100% clear report can be used as a selling feature for buyers.


A certificate of compliance should be obtained from the Local Council if you have recently undertaken major building works.


IIt is advisable to have a floor plan and site map available if required when selling a property.


If there is a current Lease Agreement in place, check the expiry date and termination requirements.


Make a note of all the inclusions to the sale. That is, everything that will be included in the purchase price and remaining with the property at settlement. Standard items include light fittings, floor coverings and window treatments. These can also be excluded if you prefer but it must be noted in the contract for sale.

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