The Morgan-Sudlow Team has a reputation for knowledge, experience, and successful service, which is rare in the very competitive world of real estate. We keep abreast of each sale and record every piece of information that will assist us to attain the best result possible for our clients.


As a basis for the company, founding directors, Norman Sudlow and Gerald Morgan already had a large, loyal client base, a testimony to their professionalism and successful service provided to their clients over the years. Then Norm and Gerald handpicked sales people with standards and objectives similar to their own and invited each one to join Morgan-Sudlow & Associates. The result was a compatible, co-operative, highly motivated selling team, always ready to go that extra mile for their clients.


All staff are property specialists and will provide the ultimate service - be it for a multi-million dollar property or the first property deal for a member of family or friend. We aim at a level of service that will make our clients come back to us again and again. We also want them to tell their friends how good we are, because word of mouth is the very best form of advertising and a sure way to build a happy, loyal client base.


Together, Norman and Gerald have built Morgan-Sudlow & Associates to provide a depth of knowledge and level of service that is hard to equal and impossible to beat.